Greek Alphabet Laid On Paper In The order Of The Pattern
   Below is the Greek alphabet laid on the paper in the order of the pattern where half the alphabet is placed on each half of the pattern. Numbers in brackets is the alphabetic order of the 24 letters for your convenience. The numbers shown over the letters in italics are the Greek gematria (letters representing numbers. example: X represents the number 600) of six letters-- the numbers 666 and 777. Notice how they all are in the same vertical row. The mathamatical probability of these six numbers being coincidentally placed is astronomical. Only these two numbers line up in any order on this pattern demonstrating some great importance fully discussed in my book.
   The right hand figure is the letters of the words Jesus Christ spelled out in the original Greek.
The resulting design makes the image of a decending dove. You simply connect the letters of the first word as they appear laid out below left, and the letters of the second word which will give the completed design seen below right.
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