Here are a few examples of a biblical story first visualized in the breastplate arrangement of the stones: the story of tribes shouting blessings and curses from two mountain tops (Deut.27) can be seen in this breastplate arrangement of stones representing tribal names. The pattern even tells the names of the mountains, and which mountain goes for blessing, and which shall go for cursing. The story of Ishmael and Hagar in the wilderness can be seen as a single story. Also, Jacob born holding the heel of Esau is another story of the same stone arrangement.
    In a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces fit back together. These mysteries concern writings within the Jewish and Christian testaments and the Islamic Qur'an, a continuum unbroken across three religions.
If I am correct on just one aspect of this book, I have proven my whole case that the pattern was known and used in ancient times. A book full of ideas to explore.
    This is a unique book of unique material.
Within these chapters, you will see how very great symbols such as the sign of the fish, and the first Christian emperor's monogram were hidden in this pattern. Details of stories involving Abraham, Isaac, the Crucifixion of Christ, and many others are contained within these chapters. Three ancient biblical codes, all can be seen as having their origin in these chapters.
   The book demonstrates a startling pattern created with two hands which always attracts much attention. You will see how visions of the Hebrew prophet Ezechiel were visions of this pattern. You will also see how ancient signs such as the alpha, omega, and the ancient sign of the fish were also from this pattern. The book also demonstrates another hand pattern matching a vision of the prophet Isaiah.
    A number of details concerning the book of Psalms, Lamentations, and Esther can also be explained. The book of Psalms appears to have been edited by using one of the patterns I have discovered. A known feature of Herod's Temple, a set of fifteen curved steps going from the Court of the Women up to the Court of Israel may have been first seen by architects in this pattern when counting the Psalm numbers 120 through 135-- the fifteen song of ascents.
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