A secret of how the survey was made-- Cherubim, and Chariots
Overlapping hands can make the design shown bearing some resemblance to the traditional sign of the Jewish priesthood. This design looks like cherubm described in the Ezechiel 1 and 10. All details of this description can actually be seen in this pattern. This also looks like a chariot having an open seat (the Mercy Seat) over a large wheel. Cherubim and Chariots are different interpretations of the same hand designs.
  The Greek letter omega can be seen over this wheel.
This also makes the design of an anchor, a foot stool, a lyre and a descending dove. The thumbs make the head of the dove pointing downwards, and the other fingers make the tail feathers pointing upwards. The yellow line is the same design.
   If the printed page is turned so that the thumbs point to the left, you will see a large flat fish where the red line makes this fish easier to see. The yellow line is the ancient sign of the fish. This is also the Greek letter alpha drawn in reverse.
   If the printed page is turned upside down, both the letters alpha and omega can be seen.
   Seraphim and Opahnim are completely different hand designs shown in links below.
  Now look at the temple design under links. The design of Herod's Temple was completely drawn by this design. You cannot
see it outright, since it is hidden, but if you know the secrets, you can draw out the temple as it actually was built on the
Temple Mount from this design. One can say Cherubim design was in the Temple,
or were in every part of the temple courts. This concept may have been a Solomonic invention used in his temple. This tecnhque may also be at other sites such as Messada, and at Herodium.