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Table of Contents of VOLUME 1


Chapter 1 -- Introducing The Basic Cherubim - Chariot Pattern
Chapter 2-- Latin Alphabet Placed on the " "
Chapter 3-- Hebrew Alphabet Placed on the " "
Chapter 4-- Greek Alphabet Placed on the " "
Chapter 5-- Arabic Alphabet Placed on the " "
Chapter 6-- Non Alphabet placed on the " "
Chapter 7-- Sacred Stones and Stories
Chapter 8-- Introducing the CCS Hand Patterns
Chapter 9-- Discovery of the CCS Pattern
Chapter 10 -- Cherubim- Chariot Surveying

                 Additional Endnotes
Death ages of Biblical persons
The Final Hebrew Letters
Detail of How the Pattern Was Named
Cherubim- Chariot Pattern is also in the Hand Pattern
Details of How Numbers Were Counted
Seeing a Reversed Alpha in the Breastplate
Wrong Order of Stones in Old Texts
Detailing the Atbach Code
details chapter 6
details chapter 7
details chapter 8
details chapter 10