Outline of Chapter 6 - What non-Alphabetic Examples of CCS Pattern Does
Ancient Hebrew Lyre Music on CCS Pattern
Ancient lyre looks like Cherubim or Chariot
Music on CCS Pattern Gives Lyre Stated in Psalms
CCS Pattern in Music Makes a 22 string Lyre
What placing Numbers on the CCS Pattern Does
CCS Pattern Acts as a Magic Square
Use of Number 40 and its Relationship to Number 70
Use of number 70 for Jews and Christians
Use of Number 120 in Book of Acts
Numbers 22, 40, 72, 100 are Related
Ancient Numberology Adds Up
No Leap Year in Moslem Calendar Can be Explained

Ancient Mathematics, Gematria in CCS Pattern
Gospel Genealogies All Are in CCS Pattern
CCS Pattern Shows Zodiac in Ancient Synagogues
Odd Property When Zodiac Placed on CCS Pattern
Two Ancient Festivals Related By CCS Pattern
Songs of Ascent in Psalms and Design of Curved Temple Steps Here
Number of Words in Priestly Blessing Are Here
Opening Psalms (113-118) Joined to Praise Psalm (136)
An Order For the Seven Psalms of the Week
Using Numbers in Esther Are in CCS Pattern