Outline of Chap.7- From Sacred Stones Come Sacred Stories
Children of Israel where born in the Breastplate
    Dinah Seen in the Breastplate
    All Rachel's Children in Breastplate
    Benjamin is in Breastplate
Creating Stories Using the Breastplate
    Joseph Sold into Slavery is in CCS Pattern
    Patriachs, Matriarchs Buried in and out of Cave of Machpelah All Are in Breastplate
    Esau and Jacob Were First Born in Stones of Breastplate
    Rachel was in Breastplate with Menasseh, Ephraim, and Joseph
    Jacob's Blessing on Ephraim and Menasseh Can be Seen in Stones
    Patriarchal Preferences Are in Stones
    A Connection Between Joseph and Judah
    A Similar Connection Between Simon and Levi
    Esau Married a Descendant of Ishmael Also Here in Stones
Two Stories Involving Jews and Moslems are in the Breastplate
Sacred Arabic Stories Concerning Kaaba Are Here
    Adam and Eve Expelled From Paradise and Adam at Kaaba Explained
Breastplate Connected To Stones and Belt
Old Legend Was Born From This Reading
Story of Blessings, Curses Shouted From Two Hills
Order of Twelve Gates Ezechiel Saw Are All here