Outline of Chap 10- Introducing Cherubim, Chariot (CC) surveying
Psalm 118 and Luke 23 Preserves Temple Location
Reconstructing the Temple Using CC Surveying
Detailed Discussion on Surveying Out the Temple Mount
Isaiah 28:16 Has Hidden Allusions to Temple's Survey
Christianity Was born in the Corner Stone
Where Possibly Where Other Temple Garden Areas?
Site of the Garden of Eden
My Very Detailed Discussion of Herod's Temple
Proving Herod's Temple location
A Temple and Jerusalem Detail Are Also in Cherubim
Two Interrelated Examples of CC Surveying on Temple Site
Important Examples of Survey on Temple Mount
CC Survey Was Used in Hezekiah's Tunnel
How Hezekiah's Tunnel Was Excavated by Using Survey
Other Sites in Jerusalem Using CC Survey
Sites outside Jerusalem CC Survey
A History of the landmark Rock on Temple Mount
What Far Building Temple at Jerusalem Points To?
Ezechiel 47 Has Hidden References to CC Survey
Book of Joel Has HiddenReferences to Survey
Peter's Tomb in Rome on Vatican Hill was Surveyed
Gigantic Paving Stone is an Old Landmark
Geometry of Byzantine Rock in Templum Domini
Volume 2 Can Explain the Urim and Thummim