Another interesting fact concerns the sixth letter of the alphabet- vov. This letter, used as a consonent, and not a vowel only occurs, in both lists as the middle letter of a three letter name- the third listed name of Levy. This is a unique letter, just as the name Levy is a unique tribe since it is the tribe of Aaron and Moses.
    Also four Hebrew letters are not represented in the listing of tribal names. They form two consecutive groupings of letters cheyt, teyt- qouf, tsedey.
    The same pattern seen in the previous Greek alphabet dove also works in similar fashion with the Hebrew alphabet. If we connect these two groups of four letters, we find an interseting pattern seen below.
    Notice that thse four missiong letters draw out two parallel lines on the same pattern seen previously. This pattern has amazing properties seen in three religions. To learn everything I have discovered about this subject, you will need to read my book.