How a detail of the old Testament changed into a new Testament story
 I have discovered how old and new testament names of twelve tribes and twelve apostles once fit on a 3 by 4 grid called the breastplate of the High Priest. Full details are given in my book. When both sets of names are superimposed over each other, a number of details found in the new testament appear to be a retelling of old testament stories.
Here are some classic examples.
  Firstly, note where Simon is placed on the grid seen below. The design is the same design seen on the link labeled 'dove' is placed over this grid. The rule appears to be names are taken from one line away.
  Question-- is there any old testament story of one of the twelve betraying another? Yes-- Simon was the instigator for his brothers to kill or sell brother Joseph. Simon was the first brother held in Egypt. Does any of the twelve apostles betray anyone?
  Look at the figure below. Two apostles are named. One name is located one line away from the name Simon. Judah or Judas is his first name. He is then called the SON of Simon i.e. code for the new generatiion of an older named story. This Judas was a man from Kerioth-- a village from southern Judea (heb. Iscariot). in Ezechiel 48 Simon is south. Also, look at the link to the Greek dove below. The letter iota is the first letter of the name 'Iscariot'. The betrayal is hinted at very early in Jesus's ministry with no explanation. The X is the location of Judas Iscariot son of Simon on the breastplate.
The y is the name of another apostle. His name is also one line away--Judah. He is called the twin 'thomas' because of twin green stones on the breastplate. In the oldest gospel known, the gospel of Thomas, he is called Judah (Judas). The y is the location of Judas Thomas.
 The z is another apostle named Simon (Peter) actually the first one named, but only apparent if you read my book. This design is shaped like an ancient key with this Simon at the center position of the key. This is the location of the rock named 'pitdah' on the breastplate.
  Simon (Peter) also betrayed his master by denying him three times. Note this Simon (Peter), like Judas, is one line away from the name Simon. The z is the location of Simon (Peter).
  The details of these names and the names of those buried in the Cave of Machpelah, can be found by a system I discovered in the old and new testaments detailed in my book.