Ezeckiels's vision (Ez.10 ) of a Cherubim can also be a chariot and a blue throne. First I turn the Cos Pattern so that it shows the 12 stones of the breastplate oriented 3 across and 4 down (numbered {1} through {12} on the Cos Pattern). The pattern can be a Cherubim, a chariot, and also a throne. The seat is at the top of the Cherubim, about its great wheel. The design is also a
chariot's carriage above it's large wheel. The zigzag in a closed constantly changing line is as a wheel whose circumference is as a constantly changing. This design can also be a wheeled throne with a seat above the wheel.
    The middle stone of the 2nd row of the breastplate is the blue sappir stone {6}. Is so , then the undercarriage of the chariot, and seat of the Cherubim, and seat of the throne is the blue sappir stone of the breastplate. This could explain why the vision sees a throne made of sappir stone.
     Directly below this stone is the middle stone of the 3rd row the shebo stone {8}. Directly below this stone, is the middle stone of the 4th row the shoham stone {9}. Both shebo and shoham are related both in the pattern and in composition as both make a twin pair. The shoham stone is also a very special stone, because it is the stone on which the names of 12 tribes were
written on the shoulder stones of the High Priest.
    As you can see, the middle stone of the 1st row pitdah (5} occupies an important place in the design of the Cherubim/ Chariot/ throne making this pitdah stone an important location in the design.
   From this stone two lines of the Cos Pattern extends to two other stones: the sappir, and the tarsus, stones of the breastplate. Again Ezechiel's vision in chapter 10 refers to both of these stones.
  On the right hand side, the design is shown as two curved lines. When the entire design is turned sideways, the lines make the sign of a fish.
Ezechiel's Vision of the Cherubim/ Chariot/ throne
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