A new book Sacred Stones Sacred Stories by Robert Kerson discusses several very sacred ancient mysteries. These are subjects investigated over many years. Every mystery presented is of major importance to a number of religions. First you will learn of a single twelve point pattern I have discovered hidden within the book of Genesis. Several alphabets, numbers, musical scales and even the Zodiac can be place on this pattern. When letters of sacred words are drawn out on the pattern, the resulting drawings make pictures of great religous significance. Might not the detail be correct because the story is correct and the pattern confirms it? Could knowledge of this pattern be necessary to certify a story as sacred? An example of this would be the Greek letters spelling out the name "Jesus Christ" draws a descending dove. These letters never change position on this pattern.
see dove
My book also discusses a letter puzzle wrtten in every copy of the Qur'an. No knowledge of reading foreign alphabets are needed to understand this book since I utilize a system designed for the average English reader. This is but one of many details involving Islam.

I also can describe an interconnected study with profound implications in biblical studies. This is the discovery of another pattern, present in a grid of three by four rows. Now the names of twelve Hebrew tribes, and twelve apostles again can be placed on this second pattern, complimenting the first. Stories from the Holy Bible can read in this arrangement. Various colored stones a kind of oracle or divination device to confirm and create biblical stories. The stones could be used as a memory aid to remember details of stories and family relationships. Just as the ancients could visualize patterns in stars called constellations, and see stories in these patterns, so could the pattern of colors in the stones be seen in ancient times as the bases of some biblical stories. This book details all stories and the sacred pattern hidden in a single colored pattern of stones. This book reveals knowledge reveals knowledge missing for centuries.
You can see a remarkable example of a biblical mystery hidden in the torah by clicking on the link below. Click on the New Testament link to see an example of an old testament detail reworked into a new testament story.
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