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     Volume one of Sacred Stones Sacred Stories consists of unique subject materials found in no other written book. Volume two of Sacred Stones Sacred Stories continues this trend.
The enigma of the Urim and Thummim could well be solved by a picture making device having it's roots in the very design of the Temple itself.
  In this volume, I detail my concept of the Urim and Thummim, a divination device known to have existed in the Breastplate of the Aaronic High Priest.
  These were objects made of earth materials such as stones. A few descriptions exist written by men who were born centuries after they disappeared and had no conception of what they were. We read simplistic ideas about letters lighting up and spelling out words. You must discard any preconception you may have of them from any book you have read on this subject.
They were mentioned in the Bible in a few places including Ex.28:8, Le. 8:8, and Nu.27:21. Very little is known about them except they seem to have given yes and no answers to questions poised to them. I can give a possible method how this could have done in the endnote section of this book. But the bulk of this book concerns an aspect never described: the use of the Urim and Thummim to make visions (Heb. Mirah) showing God's will. Exodus 25 verses 9 and 40, and also Numbers 8:4 speaks about a few of these ‘patterns’ or ‘visions’, all of which you will read about documented, and you will see in this book. These patterned visions were not miracles (but miracles abound) set in fire or clouds coming down from the sky. They were real patterns you can see and measure and in full color no less.
 The original Urim and Thummim may have been lost in antiquity, but knowledge of the design and how it was used appears to have not been lost. My Urim and Thummim made of plastic work just fine.
 If I was to summerize what this book is about, I would say ‘Moses’ used the Urim and Thummim to see all the visions (patterns) of objects seen on the ‘mount’. They also were used in creating some of the stories and miracles recorded in the torah (five books of Moses). They were subsequently used by others (zachariah for one) and in designing both Solomon’s and Herod’s Temples. By reinterpreted ancient sacred visions, the founders of Christianity saw visions especially miracle stories recorded in the five gospels.
 This book attempts to fully document all of these concepts.
 These two volumes contain material I doubt was ever put in writing, and with illustrations no less.
  As I have written in the first volume, ideas can be good and bad. Ideas can strengthen and also weaken ones faith. A book of this nature may present ideas which can be considered dangerous. But then what great ideas from the past were not considered dangerous?
This works like a kaleidoscope, translucent image on top of translucent image makes these patterns which form holy objects which we feel are the exact rendition of the actual objects in antiquity.
  The book will show other holy objects as well.
   Plans are provided for the reader to create their own Urim and Thummims. We feel these are the actual designs for the Urim and Thummim-- a plan for making religious objects. These images can have an Egyptian origin as explained in the book.

Urim and Thummim were sacred stories picture making devices