People have been speculating about a large exposed piece of bedrock at the center of the Muslim Dome of the Rock building, a major mystery for centuries-- what was the relationship of the rock and specifically the center of the rock and hence, the center of the building, to the site of the destroyed Jewish temple building? Why does the inner platform have an eastern edge far off any alignment to any wall or structure? Incorporated in the location and size of the rock and its overlaying octagonal building, is evidence for this solution.
    The rock also holds the solution of other mysteries concerning the Jewish temple, by using nothing more then a piece of string: where was the 500 Cubit square in relation to the temple; how was the square first laid out; where did the 187 and 135 Cubit dimensions of the Inner courtyard come from; where were two peripheral building zones and a sacred barrier; where were a number of gates and inner structures of temple located; what was the hole in the rock in the roof of the cave; and what if anything, was located at the spot marking the exact center of the present Muslim building? I have discovered a possible technique used in first laying out the ancient temples onto a 500 Cubit square. I will show how present structures prove the design. Especially the location of the hole in the ceiling of the cave proves the temple site. I will show how three walls of the inner platform were derived from the Jewish temple and how they pinpoint key temple locations. Even the Muslim building of today holds keys for locating the Jewish temple of yesterday.
    Jews believe the dimensions, locations and designs of the temple were given by God. If God is in geometry and mathematics, then this is the detailing of this geometry and of this mathematics.
   I will show how a single (also the effects of multiples) large triangle, used as a measuring cord, laid out either in part or completely, of a specific size and placed on specific points on the ground starting from two natural caves and one hill scarp, could have been used to lay out the entire ancient sacred temple court areas described in the Talmud. I will draw the Talmudic dimensions of the temple into the design laid out by this triangle and almost miraculously the temple emerges into a scaled drawing upon which I will then insert known structures such as the inner platform, the cisterns and channels, stairs, walls, gates, and building of the Dome of the Rock and Dome of the Chain onto this drawing and we can see where the temple and other structures once existed on the current landscape. I have made the triangle on a large scaled paper drawing, (also a small scaled drawing to easy of photocopying) and onto a small photo copy of an accurate figure of the Temple Mount, to show the correctness of my technique.
   The only instruments needed to lay out the temple by this method would have been a cord of a specific length and divided into equal specific divisions using paint or strips of cloth hung from, a method for laying out right angles and a number of people to hold the cord taunt in the shape of a triangle and then into the shape of a square.