I will detail my work on finding the site of the ancient Jerusalem temple of Herod. I can prove the location. I have found something totally new and undiscovered until now--the use of an ancient Jewish survey on the Temple Mount.
I can prove the location of the central building by showing actual archeological evidence for where this structure once existed on the Temple Mount. Also I can show Christian and Moslem traditions confirming the site.
Details of the temple's discription stated in the Talmud, and in the works of Flavius Josephus exactly match this temple design. Two supposed errors written in Josephus which could never by explained previously, can now be explained.
The book will demonstrate the true importance of Constantine's rock Golgotha-- the most important landmark of the City. You will see a continuum of ancient Jewish landmarks reused in the Roman city of Aelia Capitolina, and again in Moslem structures on the ancient temple site. I will not show just Hebrew breastplate stones, but sacred building and bedrock stones, on the actual locations of where stood the Jerusalem Temple. In this chapter of the book you will learn of other landmarks around Jerusalem, the holy land, and even a major tomb location at the Vatican was laid out by an identical survey as on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Herod's tomb location, Herodium never seen before, work perfectly by this system of ancient temple survey. Details of Mesada also were surveyed by this system.
Hezekiah's Tunnel with enigmatic niches can be explained. Secrets on the Temple Mount such as cuttings and marking on the surface of the Rock at the summit are reveled as well.
This is a true continuum of a Jewish book because it deals with Jewish subjects such as the beginnings of Judaism, and it is also a Christian book because it deals with the beginnings of Christianity, and likewise a Muslem book because it deals with the beginnings of Islam. This can also be a Greco- Roman pagan book. This book illuminates ideas which strikes at the very heart of and addresses the very creation of three very old major world religions.
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